Training Courses

Empowering individuals


We want to help you develop your career and make the most of your skills. That’s why we provide a range of IEMA approved high quality training courses to make a practical difference in the workplace. There are over 80 IEMA approved training partners delivering a range of courses to suit individuals with different levels of knowledge.

Our training partners are located conveniently across the UK and Republic of Ireland, nestled in the heart of the EU in Greece and Italy, and spread as far away as Singapore and the UAE. Wherever you are you can take place in a multitude of online and e-learning to make sure you’re always on the top of your game.

Whether you’re looking for a training solution or an apprenticeship, our courses are designed to support sustainability skills development across all organisations.

With our support and access to IEMA approved courses, it’s easy to realise your true potential.


IEMA Certified Courses

IEMA Certified: IEMA Certified courses have a prescribed specification developed by IEMA with a focus on enhancing the professional development of its wide range of members. Through auditing and EMS to Leadership and Workforce Development, the rigorous quality assurance process ensures you will complete the course with the knowledge and competencies validated by an individually recognised professional body. Learners attending IEMA Certified courses will be entitled to an IEMA certificate. IEMA Training can also facilitate replacement copies if needed at a later date thanks to the unique identifying number generated with successful completion of the course.


IEMA Approved Courses

IEMA Approved: If you have a more specialist interest then take a look at our IEMA Approved courses, which have been developed by our training partners in alignment with the IEMA Skills Map. Benchmarked by IEMA’s quality assurance process the diverse range of courses and their application, whether online, distance or classroom based, means your continuous professional development is never far away. Learners completing IEMA Approved courses are entitled to a certificate developed by their individual training partner.